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What Is A Digital Marketing Agency & How Can it Serve You and Your Business?

If you’re a fledgling business owner or have been in business since the days of ‘old school’ marketing and are digital marketing can seem like an overwhelming puzzle — and we’re here to help you put it together!

Digital marketing is part of an overall strategy that gets you closer to your business goals. What exactly does a digital marketing agency do, and how can you hire an agency to advance your business?

Let’s Get Down to It: What Exactly is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is a group of professionals whose common goal is to see you succeed in a digital marketplace. A digital marketing agency has the capabilities to level-up your marketing efforts with web design, advertising, social media management, search engine optimization, public relations opportunities, and management of all of your digital platforms.

Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Outsourcing your digital marketing to a third-party is a significant step towards your business goals. 

You might be a good candidate for a partnership with a digital marketing firm if:

You Don’t Have Time

Digital marketing requires a significant time commitment. From ideation to implementing your campaigns to analyzing and building from your results, digital marketing requires hours of your Time — consistently. If you don’t have the Time to dedicate to your online marketing, outsourcing allows you to spend your Time on other aspects of your business.

The Bigger Picture Needs Your Attention

Even if you have the Time to dedicate to your digital marketing, implementing effective campaigns takes a lot of your brain space. If you need to be laser-focused on your business’s overall trajectory, outsourcing your marketing to a digital agency can allow you to put your focus and creativity where you need it most.

You are Piecemealing Your Skills Together

As the saying goes, business owners wear a lot of hats. Maybe you know a little design, a little paid advertising, some content strategy — but you aren’t comfortable enough with your skill level to implement an effective campaign. A digital marketing agency specializes in all of these things to ensure that your marketing garners the best possible ROI. 

How Do I Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing firm is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is essential to find a digital marketing agency that aligns with your business goals, values, and needs. 

When choosing a marketing agency, ask prospective partners questions about their processes, experiences, expectations, level of involvement, and expertise areas. Not all digital agencies are created equal, nor do all agencies specialize in the same places.

Boost Your Brand, Business, and Bottom Line 

At SiMar Inc, we work with business owners to develop, maintain, and grow your online presence at every stage of their journey. Using our proven marketing methods support your overall initiatives, establish your business as an authority in your industry, and bolster your bottom line. 

Are you ready to transform strategy into success? Contact a team member and learn why businesses worldwide choose SiMar Inc. as their digital marketing partner.


10 Noteworthy Marketing Ideas For Small Business

So, you’ve hit a plateau, a blank wall, or the end of a rope. Your marketing efforts feel like Cinderella losing her glass slipper. How to bring back your magic touch? Well, take it from SiMar’s creative team.

Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Here are cool ways to get back on the grind and revive your marketing prowess once again.

If you are out of fresh content, recycle old ones.

Rehash write-ups and convert them into webinars, infomercials, or video tutorials. Create an e-book out of your daily posts. Not everyone knows about all your content anyway.

Branch out to LinkedIn.

Some entrepreneurs put so much focus on Facebook and Twitter that they forgot the relevance of LinkedIn. Build connections, join groups, and create your little band of professionals. It is a thriving place to share ideas and build a brand.

Engage in online contests.

Yes! People have this inherent desire to win. It does not have to be over-the-top like winning a car or free vacation. Start small with eco-bags and other bare necessities relevant to your market.

Be an award-winning brand.

There are business awards which you can win. In return, these award-giving bodies usually give you a badge. Place it on your website or a profile for your social media accounts to boost credibility.

Host an event that will engage the local community.

You may sponsor an advocacy group’s fundraising campaign or create your own. Print out flyers, promote them on your website and social media, and local bulletin boards.

Make your website work by engaging in email marketing that provides a bonus.

Every subscription to your newsletter will entitle the reader to a freebie, eventually generating conversions in the long run.

Motivate local following by joining community contests.

Use your products or services as a prize. Yes, that simple.

Get into crowdsourcing.

If you plan to introduce a new product or service, engage people to participate in the process. Reach out to them via social media, collate ideas, and see which ones could work. You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of the locals!

A customer referral program is well worth the effort.

You can offer existing customers freebies for every new customer they bring in. Even in a highly tech-savvy environment, nothing still beats a good ol’ word-of-mouth campaign.

Outsource your marketing campaign.

Get the professionals to do the hard stuff while you focus on the operation side of the business. SiMar Inc., for instance, offers complete marketing solutions for all types of business—and the best thing: at a budget you can afford. Be in the loop by asking for weekly reports to gauge success of the efforts.

Five Marketing Tips on Selling your Knowledge Online

Five Marketing Tips on Selling Your Knowledge Online

Selling your knowledge and monetizing your expertise is a very convenient and lucrative business. It is, however, also very competitive. With hundreds of contents out there competing for customers’ attention, very few niches are left untapped. Irrespective of your field or your means of reaching your customers, you would quickly find that you aren’t the only one in your space.

Be it selling an E-book or an online course; there is always going to be intense competition. The competitive nature of marketing knowledge and content online makes it very hard to stand out. You might have the best book on building a streetwear brand or a bakery and still not have many sales. The key to converting your good content to good sales is marketing.


Five Marketing Tips on Selling Your Knowledge Online

Here are a few tips on marketing your knowledge and building a successful business out of the selling of your expertise.

Online Ads and analytics

Online ads are the first step to successfully marketing your content or product, be it a class, a book, a website, or a consultancy service. Ads are the primary form of marketing for any online business and Involved most companies in producing and publishing online ads. 

However, with many ads out there clogging up customers’ browsing experience, ads have become less effective. Customers generally ignore most online ads, and pop-up ads have become nothing more than an irritation.

Nevertheless, through analytics and targeted advertisement, you can still get your customers hooked. Rather than publishing your ads on any website that would agree to take your cash, be purposeful in your ad publication.

Look for websites you think people who care about your product would visit and publish your ads there.

Also, follow up with analytics. Monitor the response of your audience, and it’s demographics. With analytic programs, you can find out who is viewing your ads, who is clicking, how long they stay on your page before leaving, what page converts them, etc.

Aside from getting new customers, online ads with the help of analytics give you an insight into who your target audience is and their behavior. By utilizing this information, you can focus your ads more appropriately to get optimum results.

Build a community

Building a community of engaged fans is one sure way to keep your customers loyal and get new customers. By creating a platform where your customers can discuss your content and ask questions, you turn your customers into followers. By engaging in discussions and getting their questions answered, your customers would get more value from your offer’s content or service. 

With this, it would inspire them to tell their friends and colleagues about your product or service. Building a community around your product or service makes your business more valuable to your customers. 

Besides the class, book, or consultation, you would also be offering a network of like minds by creating a community. In this day and age, where the world is a global village of strangers, a system of like-minded people is more valuable than you think.

Engage your community

Discussions within the community you have created would also help you improve your business. For example, if you offer an online class and a question keeps popping up in the comment section, then the answer to that question is your next topic. An active and engaged community is the best way to get honest feedback from your customers. This feedback is crucial in guiding you to serve your customers better.

Use Social Media

One easy way to build a community around your business is by leveraging the power of social media. Open a social media account and share the link with your customers or students. Stir up the conversation on social media and watch it flow organically. Depending on the service you offer and the platform you utilize, you can have discussions on the same venue you offer your services. 

Most platforms for online courses have easy to use discussion platforms. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing also has a comment and review section where your readers can review your books and voice their opinions. However, it is still better to have a platform where a broad range of discussions can occur rather than a few strangers just dropping their one-off reviews.

Perform in-depth research before publishing your content

The fact that you are an expert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some research before publishing your content. As time goes on, the world changes, and although you might be a master of your field, it’s your job to stay up to date; this also includes staying up to date with the relevant topics in your field from a marketing standpoint. 

Detailed knowledge of what people want to know would guide you in proving useful knowledge and skills. With this, it also entails researching what keywords people are searching for concerning your field. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One significant way to grow organically and draw a lot of attention to yourself and your business is to ensure that your contents are (SEO) Search Engine Optimized. Optimized contents are easy to understand by readers as it utilizes terms that they understand and address the question on their minds. Due to the way search engines are structured, optimized contents are also more visible than un-optimized content.

Apart from figuring out what your customers want to know, you must also research your competition. Researching your competitors would give you free insight into what works and what you can do better; this would guide you on the best marketing strategies in your field, as well as needs that have been left unmet.



The key to growing your business online is intentional and analytical strategy. You can’t just market blindly. Spending money on ads without a detailed analysis of the market and your customers is a recipe for failure. The key to success is finding out the marketing methods that work in your space and your target audience, then combining them in the most effective way possible.

Marketing your skill online could be difficult but it could be easier if you have an expert support group to help you in your every step of the way by joining our growing group of successful entrepreneurs you’ll get the support of your fellow entrepreneur and industry experts.