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SiMar invests the time your business needs for business development, brand management, social media management and manage the team.  Our brand management and business development expertise positions clients for growth and increase. We are committed to providing business solutions to keep you ahead in the age of digital business.   Our leadership programs, social media marketing tools, and streamlined strategic approach are invaluable to both the team and our clients. It’s a constant evolution of learning, sharing and growing.  

“Time plays a large part in business success.  How it is used, the planning and whats produced are essential to expanding the clients’ reach.  The SiMar team invests quality time in each step with every intention of creating a brand story with global reach. We’ve got high expectations,” Allison Todd, Founder & Chief Strategist.



Founder | Chief Strategist | Confidence Coach

Allison Todd- Founder | Chief Strategist | Confidence Coach

Allison Todd is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Executive Coach and Social Media Influencer with more than 15 years invested in managing businesses, building brands, coaching C-Suite clients, their teams and now millennials. Her work includes high impact corporate training, corporate fundraising and business consulting services. As Founder and Chief Strategist of SiMAR, Inc., she coaches teams through significant changes and challenges. She is attracted to projects that build character, amplify creativity and inspire collaboration, this is her way of changing the world.

Allison believes that everyone has life lessons that others can benefit from. She equips people to share their stories with the tools they need. She understands and knows the power of storytelling via speaking, writing, and social media. Her masterclasses on storytelling impact her clients and the businesses they serve.

Allison Todd, a leading authority in business and confidence coaching, is the visionary behind SiMar Inc., a top-rated social media, brand management and consulting boutique based in Atlanta, Georgia. SiMar helps business owners plan, prepare and position their business for success, She is a prolific speaker, coach, brand promoter and power producer. Philanthropy, including annual fundraising, community impact building, and volunteerism are must-haves! She is the official progress motivator and trusted confidante to her growing number of clientele.


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