SiMar offers business expertise in strategic management, business development, business coaching and social media marketing.  These  solutions, all in effort to grow your business. Our approach provides a clear action plan to improve your operations, empower your business process and attract your target audience.  The SiMar Team are the experts you seek to provide high level strategy for maximum impact.

Strategic Management

SiMar provides comprehensive strategic planning and management services to help you set priorities and strengthen business.  We help you define the plans and strategies that align with your business goals and objectives. The why, who, what, where and how are outlined in the details. We provide a step by step guide to support your business goals with our business development techniques.  With strategy and planning, your annual, quarterly and monthly goals are outlined.

Business Development

We believe you create solutions in every phase of business.  It’s important to know what those business phases are and in what order they are to be achieved.  When you have an understanding of how much revenue you will earn this year and what earning that revenue costs, you are off to a good start.  If you are unsure, keep reading. Once you know how much it costs to be your customer, you need to understand what types of people will buy your product.  We will help you define your target audience in order to reach your business revenue goals. Our approach is simple, we listen to your desired goals and create the process to achieve results.  Plus we highlight your next steps in a socially-active, technological world!

Social Media Marketing

Regular and prompt interaction via social channels are mandatory.  SiMar social marketers manage social media marketing campaigns and day to day activities.  Learn how to tell and share your brand story with our custom content packages. We help you grow your business online and navigate your way in a digital world.  From planning phase to the execution phase, our social media campaigns increase followers, build your brand and creates brand ambassadors. These campaigns generate a community of followers and customer leads.

Business Coaching

Business is rapidly growing with constant changes, irreplaceable time and professionals challenged at every level.  Our business coaches provide a space where you are free to speak, think and create. Together, we resolve the issues and remove barriers to your success.   Let’s work toward your goals. As a result, you develop a growth mindset that sharpens your perspective and awakens your creativity. With better people decisions and defined processes, you have what you need to grow.  The decision to hire a business coach will guide you through challenges, to optimum success.

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