With the robustness of online employment, career-oriented individuals are shifting to home-based employment these days. Aside from the increased growth of opportunities online, there are quite a number of benefits when working from home such as flexibility, autonomy, less stressful working conditions, versatility, and so on. Gone are the days when one has to brave bumper to bumper traffic to clock in at 9 o’ clock and then experience the same horrors again after 5. This also negates the presence of overbearing bosses who, at some point, love to prey on hapless junior associates.
While working from home has become an open source of employment, the idea of customizing a healthy and productive workspace is another matter. Some simply make good use of their bedroom corner without minding much about the furniture they use to keep their creative juices going. But do you know that designing a healthy home office can deliver more positive results? To kickstart your new employment opportunity at home here are useful tips to get you started:
  • Invest in the right work desk. It may be easy to convert an old kitchen table into your workstation but will it be healthy for you? Look for a desk with a standard height of around 30 to 34 inches or in accordance with your own height. Too short will hurt your back while too high a desk can generate repetitive stress injuries to the wrist and shoulders. To maximize space, use work desks with storage and slats to hold documents, gadgets, and so on.
  • Use an ergonomic chair to provide good support for the lower back and to evoke good posture. Non-ergonomic work chairs can develop excruciating back problems which can recur and worsen as you age. Ergonomic chairs prevent not just back pains but also in preventing development of circulation problems and muscle cramps debilitating to overall health in the long run. Without the issues caused by an ill-fitting working chair, you can gain more focus and traction in doing your job.
  • Make use of good work lighting. Aside from cutting electrical costs, good lighting will allow you more productivity and good eye health. Think about installing overhead lighting and task lighting. If possible, try to enhance natural lighting in your workspace. Be reminded also that the type of lighting you choose must be appropriate for your age. The older you get often means the more intense lighting system you will need to support your eyes.
  • Be active even when working. Sitting for longer periods of time is one of the primary causes of heart ailments as it directly affects circulation and obesity. You can choose to invest in a treadmill or buy a standing desk. There are also different types of desk converters to aid in this concern. Perhaps, a simple stretching exercise routine every 20 to 30 minutes or so will also suffice to get your blood going.
  • Infuse green plants into your workspace for both physical and psychological benefits. Plants help reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, depression and anger, and revive the system from fatigue. This also helps to increase productivity as plants emit clean air that diminishes the presence of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Make your space both inspirational and functional. Paint it with relaxing hues. Make sure there is proper ventilation. If possible choose a space where you have a view of the outdoors. Place plants or other green stuffs within eye vision. Looking at greens also help one become more creative and focused.
Start your home employment going by designing your workspace accordingly. The right office furniture, lighting, and other fixtures will not only enhance its functionality and ambiance but also help improve your health and quality of life. With this, you can also guarantee more productive output and a thriving career albeit based at home.