Attract, Convert, Engage and Close

Attract, Convert, Engage and Close.

Isn’t it every business owner’s dream to convert their online audience into paying customers?  Most entrepreneurs understand the value of a good sales funnel.  And if you don’t, no worries, just know that it will increase lead conversions.  The value of lead conversions is more than just a purchase.

  • It’s those long term followers who want to align with the brand and believe in it.
  • It’s the social media follower who thought your timeline was great and then realized they actually needed your services.
  • It’s the passer-by who heard your coffee chat and searched for your on the internet.

attract convert engage close

 Don’t get me wrong.  It’s also the prospect that you close and have been doing business for 10 years.  In short, it’s everyone who supports your brand in varying ways.  Because there are a ton of people who do what you, the beginning of your sales funnel is understanding just how valuable the connection is.
The sales funnel technique is known to help make the connection.  Our techniques and templates walk you through how to create your sales funnel and measure the outcomes.  Every brand has friends in the digital space.  And it all begins with hello.   Where can your prospects find you on the internet? (Feel free to share your social media and/or website in the comments below.)  You never know who’s looking for you!
 Attract, Convert, Engage and Close. 
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Has Your Business Productivity Taken a Dive and Sales Prospects Gone Stale? 

Has your business productivity taken a dive and sales prospects gone stale?  Are business sales inconsistent and slow? It may be time to upgrade your sales prospecting system.  There are tons of opportunities out there. But you must go after them.   Sales boils down to time and numbers.  For a business to thrive with growing revenue, it must invest the the time to convert leads.  The best way to begin is with a strong sales prospecting strategy. 

sales prospecting

Sales Prospecting at A Glance 

But what is sales prospecting and how does it relate to business productivity? Sales prospecting is the process of searching for your next customer in order to create a business relationship.  To begin the process, a business team member will conduct outreach in the form of calls and emails to convert leads.  Leads are often converted to loyal followers or ambassadors to the business. It’s a great way to nurture leads with interest in your product, service or brand. 

The sales aspect in a business, requires varying strategies to achieve the goal.  Unlike other processes, sales prospecting takes a deep dive into the customer’s journey and identifies winning customer personas.  For these reasons, outbound prospecting and inbound prospecting  includes face-to-face, email, call, letter or a digital experience.  Advance technology like instant messaging is also a key performers medium to achieve prospecting results. 

Sales Prospecting Funnel 

A good sales prospecting process works like a funnel. It begins with a ton of information that you narrow done to the relevant facts and take action. This includes identifying leads and opportunities that qualify the buyer’s experience. buying preference, diverse behavior, market movement, demographics, needs and wants, and other aspects that dictate the customer’s buyer experience.  All of this leads to sifts positive leads, financial capabilities and pertinent information affecting purchasing power of customers. 

Many believe that the end-game of sales prospecting is converting customers.  However, a closer look will tell entrepreneurs, and their teams, that the Internet negates such assumptions.   With the evolving market today, sales prospecting no longer stops at acquiring new customers or clients but focuses more on creating personalized, flexible and sustainable relationships. And like a proverbial movement in a funnel, it can be painstakingly slow.  However, the time investment will prove to increase business productivity.

Addressing Sales Concerns 

How do you ensure you have an effective sales prospecting process?  Amid competition, business development must include the art of diplomacy and compromise. Negotiations are built upon the two. One does not have to focus so much on increasing the bottom line but more so on instilling mutual trust and respect. To do this, you have to cultivate strong core values in the company, sharp analysis of market movement, and robust relationship with both internal and external stakeholders of the company. Proposals to be done must be dynamic allowing ample time to integrate a customized approach in addressing needs and wants. Bottom line is, sales prospecting is all about consistency and constancy in applying strategic mindset– and a dash of optimism to motivate and inspire. With this, your business can be one step ahead of everyone else. 

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Know the Signs: 7 Ways To Drown Your Success with Insecurity

Insecurity leads to more insecurity. As long as you have a choice, there are options.  Choose to make the best decisions for your business with confidence.  Stay focused and move forward.  In the meantime, here’s 7 Ways To Drown Your Success with Insecurity.  And I hope you tackle each and every way.

One of the silent killers in business and life is insecurity.  It’s an emotional aspect that molds self-image and influences human behavior. Some people, indeed, feel insecure in their own skin.  As entrepreneurs or employees, insecurity can easily be hidden behind huge smiles and large cloaks of anonymity. However, such underlying hurtful and self-critical thoughts will continue to create more thoughts and emotion.  Even if you know it’s coming, you want to do all you can to manage it.  Don’t let insecurity drown your success.


Here are some common signs of insecurity: 

  1. You change your mind a lot.  If you find yourself unable to figure out what you really want thus, your goals and objectives continually fluctuate like the market interest rate, you change your mind a lot. One moment, you are all for re-branding and the next moment, you want to stick to current strategies. It’s a dilemma that breeds disaster. 
  2. Decision-making is a constant struggle. Is everything a challenge from deciding what to eat to major business decisions?  Do you find it hard to take a stand? Better yet, if you consult friends and colleagues over and over again but still don’t trust their opinions and can’t make a decision on your own, then decision making is a constant struggle. 
  3. Validation from others comes highly regarded. You want every action, every decision, or even the way you dress, move, or speak to be acceptable to others. You scream for approval in everything you do. 
  4. You have the tendency to be over-controlling and demanding.   Do you know someone who takes offense when others do not share their ideas or methods–and they take it as a personal attack?  If constructive criticism is not in their vocabulary, controlling may be a part of their personality.

More signs of insecurity: 

  1. People who are insecure constantly talk about themselves. They sing praises not to impress others but more to appease their own insatiable desire for approval. This is also part of the reason why they have a hard time recognizing the efforts or worth of others–because they are too busy talking and thinking about themselves. 
  2. Being defensive is like a reflex. You easily take offense, even on things that do not matter. As previously mentioned, criticism is not your cup of tea. 
  3. An insecure person finds it easy to pick on another person’s faults. This is either to hide an inner affliction or a way to feel a superficial superiority. Often, these acts are done by either starting or spreading gossip. 

This is serious business.  Read more on this topic: How Self Esteem Shape Up Life and Business Decisions

Next Steps & Solutions

It is important to know where your insecurities stem from and the influence it has on your life. A business coach is an optimum choice when one’s insecurities become so intense that it prevents progress.  One way to divorce your insecurities is to start by accepting that you have strengths and you have weaknesses, we all do. 

The process is not going to be easy because it is really a struggle within your own self. The moment you start poking on those critical inner voices, expect screams of retaliation in return. Push your hardest and do not back down! If you want to be successful in your business or personal goals, do not listen to the taunts that entice you to hold back on your greatness! 

Want to break the walls of insecurity and create bridges of confidence? A coach or mentor is your solution.  SiMar Inc. founder Allison Todd is a professional coach who develops high performance capabilities in people. Schedule a consultation now!