Customers are every business’ vital asset. Without them, businesses can eject itself to oblivion. Customer service, therefore, is an integral part in running a company. This is even more so today when real-time approach is heavily alive in social media. Customers can easily post negative feedback then, make it go viral to the chagrin of your crisis management department.
If you wish to go the customer-centric route in doing business, it is important to know certain tactics on how to keep them engaged. Here are ways on how to keep your customer satisfaction rating high:
  • Be an active listener. Listen to what the customer is actually saying by asking questions. Get a grip of their thoughts, the words and tone of how these are being spoken or written, and the emotion they evoke. Do not assume or second-guess what they feel. Focus your attention to the message they wish to impart and clarify what you don’t understand.
  • Be proactive in identifying and anticipating customer needs. Customers do not just buy products or avail of services. They look for solutions to their woes. Their choices are often a crisscross of both logical and emotional thinking. To do so, always be on the lookout on what they need and their perceived needs at a later time.
  • When done in person, make sure to show positive body language. What words cannot say may be easily perceived through your actions. When online, write with the gusto of a child. Your words must always be in congruence with your thoughts and actions– and they must always be focused on evoking positive feelings.
  • Always take time to inform customers on how the system work. Often, problems and complaints happen due to failure in communicating how the system works. Be clear how transactions must be done and how concerns are addressed. Doing so well shape-up your customers expectations and avoid problems later on.
  • To truly be a customer-centric business, it is crucial to leave “no” at the incinerator. Always strive to address customer concerns, no matter how trivial they may be. While saying “yes” to requests may be a good solution, do make sure to always do what has been promised.
  • Always begin with an apology when something goes wrong. Even if the fault is in the customer, it is important to make them feel your sincerity and concern. A customer may not seem right but in the realm of customer-centricism, he or she must always win.
  • Encourage customers to give regular feedback and make sure to address concerns in a timely manner. In an era when real-time mechanisms are in place, it is crucial to provide round-the-clock attention to customer service. When giving solutions, it is also imperative to check back and ask for suggestions on improvements.
Bottom line is: It cannot be denied that customers is still the boss. With a highly competitive market upon each and every business organization, it is imperative to strive to out-think the competition when it comes to customer service. Accept criticisms and complaints, and see them as room for improvements. Most importantly, treat your employees like you do to customers. In doing so, they will automatically become brand ambassadors in keeping your customer service objectives in place.