Most everyone dwells on routine. I, for one, love waking up when everyone was still snoring so I can have that “me” time in the kitchen sipping hot black no-sugar coffee while listing down what needs to be done for the day. Others out there may also have found a routine that works for them perfectly. But do you know that these routines have a lot to say about us?

Morning Routines

According to time-management gurus, different morning routines reflect interesting characteristics among people. Beyond the façade of being in control or engaging in topsy-turvy, a routine says so much about who you really are deep down—and perhaps, it could even be more.

Morning Routine #1. The Ever Trusting

You don’t rely on an alarm clock. You wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning without the aid of a mean-sounding machine shouting at your ears to “get up!” It seems that the universe conspires to give your internal body clock to jolt you at such ungodly hours, on the dot, without fail.

This routine shows that you’re a trusting and often unsuspecting individual. You get to see people as what they are. You don’t delve into mind-numbing analysis but rather rely on what’s ripe for the picking. Though this may sound good, it is also quite risky if you’re in business. It’s a competitive world out there. It would help if you showed some claws and teeth. So, learn to curve your trusting personality and hid a little alarm bell in your pocket.

Morning Routine #2. The Perfectionist

You don’t have an internal body clock; you also wake up before it squeals “wake up!” Then, you watch the news or work the treadmill. Sometimes, you even answer emails while prepping up the espresso machine. Everything about you is done in advance like an over-proactive automaton. Yep! That’s how ready you are.

Well, hello, Master of the Universe! It is always a delight to see how perfection becomes you. Achievements and productivity are your strongest points. You eat goal-setting for breakfast and see to it that you achieve such goals before lunch. That’s the go-getter that you are. But as they say, too much of a good thing is never okay. Try to slow it down a little notch. It may sound awesome to be always the pack leader but try leaving a small space to breathe. Like a machine that’s always “on” 24/7, you might be well on your way to the nastiest burnout. Breathe. Take time to smell the flower. You owe that to yourself.

Morning Routine #3. The Optimism Maven

You set your smartphone alarm at 5 AM yet, you hit the snooze button up to its last drop. It takes like 5 readjustments to the snooze button before you actually get up. It’s like getting back into dreamland and a minute of lucid interval in between. Fret-not, you are up at 630AM—basically, the time you wish actually to get up. The meeting is still at 8 AM anyway, and there’s no traffic from your burrow to the office. In fact, HQ is just a stone’s throw away from your crib so, what gives?

According to experts, you are the ultimate optimist. You see nothing but goodness even when all things are falling apart. Look, the sales are not picking up, but hey, at least we’re selling 10 instead of Z-E-R-O. That seems to be your mantra. Sure, optimism and resilience are two important aspects of your personality. Still, with the amount of time you kept denying yourself to push harder, more growth opportunities will be lost. Set the alarm instead of the actual time you plan to get up. In life, it is so much better off if you acknowledge that sometimes, things do fall apart, and working on it without having to wait for that perfect moment makes all the difference. Optimism is great, but still, you need to work to get results.

Morning Routine #4. The Rush Hour Expert

You set the alarm at 6 AM but manage to wake up at a quarter past 8. Basically, that leaves you only some 20 minutes to brave the traffic. Your bed is a wonderland, and mornings for you are invented by crazy ones. If only Sleeping Beauty can complain, eh?

The ultimate rush hour expert is you personified. You are a thrill-seeker, an adrenaline junkie. You love challenges, but you do your best at the last minute. You are an independent soul, and, often, you don’t conform to the norm. It’s an eccentric life you have, but hey, results come in—though at the last minute. Nothing is worrying about being a thrill-seeker or a prolific challenge-enabler. However, it is essential to get things done without feeling hurried or pressured. Try to practice mindfulness by keeping things slow and steady. It is not enough to meet a deadline while sacrificing everything else because you tend to rush at the last minute. Gather your wits and create a gameplan, one that doesn’t rely on “rush hour” thinking but rather on in-depth analysis.

Morning Routine #5. The Balancer

Your morning routine consists of waking up at 5 AM, take a shower for 10 minutes, prepare breakfast for the whole family, eat and talk with the spouse and kids while eating, have a snuggle with the partner, and still have time to apply a complete layer of makeup for that 20-minute brisk walk to the office.

This is a dream that not many people get to enjoy in their lifetime, but, luckily, you have it. Cherish it. Maintain it. Not many have that perfect life, but every once in a while, some pixie dust gets into someone’s hair.

So what’s your morning routine? Do you have any addition to the list? Drop us a line at