Attract, Convert, Engage and Close

Attract, Convert, Engage and Close.

Isn’t it every business owner’s dream to convert their online audience into paying customers?  Most entrepreneurs understand the value of a good sales funnel.  And if you don’t, no worries, just know that it will increase lead conversions.  The value of lead conversions is more than just a purchase.

  • It’s those long term followers who want to align with the brand and believe in it.
  • It’s the social media follower who thought your timeline was great and then realized they actually needed your services.
  • It’s the passer-by who heard your coffee chat and searched for your on the internet.

attract convert engage close

 Don’t get me wrong.  It’s also the prospect that you close and have been doing business for 10 years.  In short, it’s everyone who supports your brand in varying ways.  Because there are a ton of people who do what you, the beginning of your sales funnel is understanding just how valuable the connection is.
The sales funnel technique is known to help make the connection.  Our techniques and templates walk you through how to create your sales funnel and measure the outcomes.  Every brand has friends in the digital space.  And it all begins with hello.   Where can your prospects find you on the internet? (Feel free to share your social media and/or website in the comments below.)  You never know who’s looking for you!
 Attract, Convert, Engage and Close. 
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Allison Todd SiMar Founder & Chief Strategist UWGA Corporate Relations Manager Confidence Coach Brand Storyteller Philanthropist

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