Meet Coach Allison Todd, Founder of SiMar Inc.

At SiMar Inc, we’re passionately dedicated to helping purpose-driven businesses earn recognition in the digital space and led by integrity, heart, and passion. With SiMar, your goals become our own, and we measure our success by that of our clients.


We believe in leadership, both personally and professionally. 


On our team, we have both: SiMar Inc. Founder and CEO Allison Todd.

Allison Todd: Founder and CEO

With more than 20 years of experience managing businesses, building brands, and coaching some of the nation’s top executives, Allison Todd founded SiMar Inc. with a dream: to help micropreneurs scale their profits, streamline their operations and digital marketing strategies, and build sustainable teams — and to do so in alignment with the rest of their lives.

Founded in Heart, Led the Same Way

The drive behind the dream? Empowerment. Personally and professionally.


Before SiMar Inc. opened its doors, Allison was presented with a request at her corporate job: choose between your children and your career.


Allison said no. 


She knew: there is no choice between your children and doing what it takes to provide for them.


And SiMar Inc. was born.


Today, Allison empowers her clients to pave their way, fuel their desire for self-reliance, creativity, and dedication to the things that matter most.

Full-Scale Strategy: From Ideation to Implementation

The work of Coach Allison doesn’t stop at the digital strategy. Her business approach is layered; she knows that a company is only as strong as its CEO and only as productive as its collective culture.


Allison has a keen eye for business. Her innate ability to weave a string that connects the minor pieces of an organization’s operations to its most significant components results in cohesive long-game strategies.


Your plan is only as successful as the actions you take, and with Allison Todd, you have a coach in your corner.

Business Coaching & Consulting Services

SiMar Inc. is only one piece of your success story. Allison offers entire business consulting and coaching services to help you align your business with your purpose, your plans with your goals, and your teams with your vision. 


For Allison, it’s all about clarity: only when you have a clear vision and defined goals can they come to fruition.

Plans With a Purpose, Strategy With a Soul

Your business is an ecosystem: digital marketing is a critical element in the success of your brand, but you only achieve quantifiable results when you have sustainable systems, close-knit teams, and intelligent strategies in place.


Allison is here to act as your guide on your business journey, making sure you’re going where you want to go and that you’re taking the right roads to get there. 


You have a purpose and a life to live. Your business does, too.


With Allison Todd, you don’t have to choose between them.


It’s time for your business to stop surviving and start thriving. Contact Allison Todd today to set up a discovery call.


Success is on the other side of your strategy. Allison will see you there.



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