Here’s To Letting Your Creative Juices Flowing: An Entrepreneurial Edition

Here’s To Letting Your Creative Juices Flowing_ An Entrepreneurial Edition
Ever had that time of the day when your mind goes blank? Many entrepreneurs literally experience “going blank” on certain days when creativity is most expected of them. According to health experts, this can be due to the constant onslaught of stressors and challenges that go with developing a successful business. But how can success be assured when creativity is often trumped by outside forces?
As simple as it is, creativity as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the “ability to make new things” or simply “think of new ideas”. Entrepreneurs are deemed to have hundreds of creative reserves up their chest to be able to make it past their centennial celebration or, to be realistic, to be able to gain at least some footing in the industry they wish to pursue.
With so much going on at the same time, entrepreneurs’ creative juices can often dry up. So, how to revive that?
1. Keep an open mind.
There is no monopoly of ideas and you need to tap into your workforce to be able to do that. Keep a solid team where you can brainstorm on ideas concerning marketing, promotions, brand management, new skills, improvements, and so on. Lead the team but be open for suggestions. Often, team members can help unravel that mystery lingering on the tip of your tongue.
2. Write.
Some people keep a journal for their own personal consumption. Modern entrepreneurs, however, engage in blog writing. Writing, it seems, free their minds from the usual burden of thinking so much about a project, a challenge or a goal. Think about writing about what interests you outside the workplace. Writing helps hone the mind to think and be aware of your surroundings. It will help you pick up seemingly minute details which actually means so much to your business.
3. Do mental exercises.
There are many ways to sharpen your neurons. Answer crossword puzzles. Solve a complex Physics or Math problem. Learn to memorize a song or a poem. Try those adult coloring books, too. Entrepreneurs never let their brain wander. They keep it engaged, busy, and happy. Constant happy brain activity breeds creativity.
4. Read to your heart’s content.
Nothing beats a voracious reader when it comes to harnessing creative mindset. There is so much about books that keep the mind activated. Whether romance novels or world history, one’s imagination can easily run wild leaving the mind always activated. No matter how busy entrepreneurial life may get, always take time to read.
5. Move.
Either you go dancing or engage in a workout regimen, it is all up to you. The idea is to keep yourself moving. Sweating out and losing weight are the least of your concerns when it comes to this. Moving around allows your eyes, limbs, and body to communicate to the brain. By doing so, you are also allowing your brain to “exercise” on its own.
6. Be out there.
Sitting on a plush chair behind that mahogany desk overlooking the view of the city may seem like the best place in the world—not! Creativity is seldom bred in boardrooms and executive suites. Go out. Be present out there. Smell the sweet dew of the morning grass, the lusciousness of the flowers in bloom. Listen to the rhapsody of the breeze as it touches the eager leaves. There is so much to pursue in our natural surroundings that will leave the brain wanting for more.
7. Meditate.
Do you honestly believe that the mind goes “quiet”? It does not. When you meditate, it actually brings you to a whole new level or “alertness.” It’s that distinct feeling of transcending between time and space. When you master both, you can easily call out creativity and it will bow down to you like a slave.
Got any tips to add on how to keep creative juices flowing? Come and write what you have in mind. Feel free also to follow updates on business management solutions from my business consultancy firm—SiMar Inc.




Allison Todd SiMar Founder & Chief Strategist UWGA Corporate Relations Manager Confidence Coach Brand Storyteller Philanthropist

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