Automate Your Business Systems

SiMar Makes Automation Simple! 

Automate Your Business Systems

Automate Your Business Systems

SiMar Makes Automation Simple! 

Technology continues to WOW us at SiMar, as its constant evolution has paved the way for advanced automation.

If you started a business in 2017–or planned to and are still working out the details–  it’s important to be ready for new tech ideas that can help propel you to success in 2018! 

Our upcoming blog on Gearing for a Tech Savvy Small Business will cover this in more detail but in the meantime, here are a few major business trends that owners and consumers alike cannot ignore: 

Business On-Demand: Without a doubt, this is the era of everything on-demand. People are dependent on phone apps for most everything they do. From taxi rides to shopping, travel, entertainment, and more, the tech industry will be even more accommodating in 2018. Which leads to . . .  

Digital Consumerism. Brick and mortar retail is declining at a steady pace. As more people prefer shopping online, businesses will be left with no choice but to jump into the digitalization of consumerism. With this, the need for businesses to learn the highly aggressive and volatile nature of digital media must be carefully studied and implemented. Check out some startup possibilities in this week’s blog, Top Online Business Ideas For 2018. 

Business Analytics. The ways that information is gathered and communicated globally is evolving. New developments are constantly being pursued by experts to find gadgets that not only fit in your pockets or purse, but also deliver astounding solutions to make our lives easier. And how are our needs being determined, you ask? Using the same technology that tracks the way you spend, how/where you like to spend, and all things information. In 2018, most software programs handling econometrics, auditing, financial analyses, operations, marketing research, and feasibility studies will become more refined. 

Digital Security. One of the biggest occupational hazards in business is digital security, and there will be an even greater need in 2018. Security issues have permeated the wireless sector, manufacturing and automation, data management, and other cutting-edge business arenas. Any business using digital media in its overall operations will need to tighten its cybersecurity skills. This week’s blog, Small Business Tips to Ramp Up Cyber Security, will help you get a handle on some DIY tasks that can keep your business safe online. 

Without a doubt, tech trends are being designed to address consumers and cater to the core needs of businesses across industries. The tech industry will be even more aggressive in 2018, so entrepreneurs and career-driven individuals alike must be ready. 

Want to learn how your business can take advantage of the latest tech trends? SiMar Inc., Atlanta’s premier business consultancy, and digital media management firm, offers comprehensive digital marketing and management services. Call Allison Todd for a consultation now! 


Business Startup Instagram

Business Startup Ideas for Less Than $100

Business Startup: Long ideas but short on cash?

It’s great to have a good idea but it’s even better to have a working idea.  Take a look at these entrepreneurs ideas that have proven to be a success.  Here’s a list of the series on Business Startup Idea for Less Than $100 to inspire your entrance into the entrepreneurial world.

  • Consultancy. If you have the expert level knowledge, that’s expert level advice.  Your business startup can be your own consultancy. You can provide advice, management and project tasks.  Got a new method for eco-gardening, a superstar on social media or the best-organized assistant, ever?  YOU are ready to begin.  All you need to do is set-up your digital space, create your social media accounts and start sharing your content.  This is where you market your expertise.  Join a freelancer site like Upwork or Elance and earn while you grow.
  • Direct Sales. Be your own boss and work at home.  Go into direct selling for established companies like Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, IT Works! Global and more. You may also set up an online website and organize your own direct sales party.
  • Professional Organizer. From organizing events to putting things in order in a home, you can monetize your skills and earn.  With a 1-page website, active social media accounts and a couple of social media ads – YOU are ready to go!  Begin with your network, you’d be surprised how many need to be organized.  Don’t forget to ask for referrals.
  • Homemade Foodie. Do you have a penchant for homemade gourmet foods? You can create your signature chocolates, cakes and pastries and soup mixes to name a few.  All you need is access to the food, preferably a farmer’s market, shop local! Oh and cooking skills, of course!
  • Life Coach.  People hire coaches to give them sound, unbiased advice.  People want to be led to their success and reminded what assets they possess.  This special skill doesn’t require certification but its absolutely preferred.  You want something that sets you apart from the rest.  You also need to build a strong reputation and work on getting a solid following in the market.  When done correctly, this can be a profitable business.
  • Decorator. The holidays are coming up.  People want their homes and tables decorated and more.  This is a profitable season for professional decorators.  Start taking pictures of everything you do and post those on your social media accounts.  Write blogs about your experience and your love of creativity.   Let your client referrals be your best marketers.  Take note: the whole year is filled with anniversaries and holidays!
  • Home Companion/Caregiving Services. Help families connect with the right caregivers and companions to a family member in need.  With a simple website, some social media and a great network, you can spread the word fast.  Sign up with agencies looking for contractors to refer clients.  Call other agencies and position yourself as the person they call during overflow.
  • Rental Services & Sales. Got equipment and stuff lying around at home? Monetize these by renting them or letting go.  From lawnmowers to chocolate fountain machine you may be on to something.  If you don’t have the equipment, I guarantee you have clothes and clutter that you can post on sites like Letgo, Poshmark, and Facebook (yes you can sell things on FB).
Other business startups for less than $100 are e-book writing, homemade beauty products, personal trainer or chef and so much more.  Remember its great to have ideas but its even better to have working ideas. Where you find people don’t  have time to things, is a great place to insert the things that you plan to do.  The key is to start somewhere and see the entrepreneurial magic to work.  If you would like to explore your ideas more, schedule your No-Cost Consultation with one of our SiMar experts, today.
Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling: Social Media’s Secret Ingredient

People love stories of all kinds. While bookworms languidly depend on grammatical prose to titillate their senses, many prefer video storytelling for their ease and convenience. Whether B2B or B2C, video storytelling has always shown the power of visuals on sending clear signals regarding brand image and message to customers. Though infographics are known for their efficacy in sending brand message, there is nothing more moving and captivating than moving pictures complemented with emotions to assail one’s senses.
Known Impact of Video Storytelling
Ever been to a movie which rendered you speechless? How about one in tears or large guffaws of laughter? Storytelling done in video form allow one to grasp the totality of an idea carefully encapsulated with emotions. No wonder many marketers are currently veering into storytelling techniques to keep their audiences engaged. With live streaming perfected, many companies are now perusing this strategy to send their messages across target and potential audiences.
Video storytelling allows a business to rise above the competition or, at the very least, different its brand from the rest. Creating a video narrative allows you convey the brand’s core message. It allows you to highlight what things the business value the most and present them in the most authentic, sincere and humane way possible to reach your target across. It takes more than just audience engagement to enjoy long-term loyalty and retention. Videos when done via storytelling technique conveys psychosocial and emotional connections striking audiences at a guttural level leaving them wanting for more.
An old tactic, perhaps, storytelling via videos is known to increase reach. This is the power of the Internet particularly social media these days– shareability. Old-school storytelling can be passed down from one generation to the next. How many fairy tales have been written, put on screen, spun and then, shown again– and still receive the same accolade? Video storytelling works in the same way. People moved by your story will most likely share it for everyone to appreciate.
Videos being highly visual are known to be retained in a person’s cerebral cortex longer than any other information processed. Remember how hard to memorize examination items are often, converted into stories? It’s all about beefing up the memory. Video storytelling allows audiences to recall your message more easily.
In a Nutshell
Conveying the unique personality of your business should be at the core of the matter. Stories being captured on video allow you to convey the core values, mission and vision of your business in subtle and “relaxed” way. The idea, however, is to be as clear and straightforward as possible when doing video storytelling for your brand. When done accordingly, your video storytelling session can carve the very success path for your business.
Photo Credits: Tubular Insights
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