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3 Small Business Tips to Ramp Up Cyber Security 

3 Small Business Tips to Ramp Up Cyber Security 

Technology has never been this dynamic; but large corporations, small businesses, startups, or even government agencies aren’t safe from the threat of hackers (if only they’d use their powers for good instead of evil).  

Unlike larger corporate entities, small businesses have one primary weakness–inadequate cyber security–which makes them vulnerable to even the simplest of threats. Yet according to a CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, only 2 percent of small businesses across a variety of industries viewed the threat of a cyber-attack as the most critical issue they face. But the truth is with all the other expenses small business owners face, cyberspace security is easy to push aside–until you get hacked. 

When thinking of how to improve cyber security without spending money, it is imperative to setup your company’s daily online best practices. Here are 3 tips that can help your business steer clear of online predators: 

  1. Keep a layered approach in your cyber security processes. Daily ongoing tests for possible vulnerabilities as well as infiltration of hackers must be done. You can install current security software that performs routine checks on certain spikes in web traffic as well as block any log ins from portals outside the company. Real time authentication of online activities by device and data feeds from known fraud sites must be in place. All of these MUST be completed on a daily basis, either manually by you or electronically by your security software. 
  1. Be in control. Administrator privileges must be continually managed by a focused group in your company. Access and utilization of the company’s pages via personal devices must also be limited to prevent unguarded penetration from the outside. By picking reliable people to serve as admins, you can minimize data loss or data corruption.  
  1. Have a cyber insurance policy that’s tailored to your small business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all policy hence, the need to carefully outline what type of protection your business needs in terms of securing credit card information, customer directory, and other sensitive data. Remember, cyber risks are not covered by general liability insurance. 

Cyber security is a growing concern no matter what size the business. Small enterprises, however, must take necessary actions to ensure their safety and that of their customers. When done diligently, the steps listed above are only the first line of defense against hackers. In the end, an antivirus protection program can best help keep your business safe online. Check out The Best Antivirus Protection of 2018 at for more information. 

What steps has your business taken to keep hackers at bay? SiMar Inc. can help improve your online security strategy! To give you an idea on how to transform your life and business, check out Allison Todd and her business portfolio at or schedule a 15-minute initial consultation today! 


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Kick-off 2018 with SiMar’s Personal Development Plan! 

Kick-off 2018 with SiMar’s Personal Development Plan 

Would you ever book a vacation without making any plans whatsoever? Traveling with a plan allows you to at least have an idea of where to go, what to wear and eat, and what to see in order to get your money’s worth. Just like in life, a vacation is even more fulfilling when you have a detailed plan in place. 

A personal development plan, as the term implies, allows you to organize your thoughts and actions so as to cohesively deliver the results you need. It’s a set of guidelines you methodically create to help make better decisions or even make the worst of scenarios work to your advantage. At its core is good preparation to mitigate, lessen, and hopefully eliminate any risks which can pull you down on the journey to greatness. 

Where and When to Start a Sound Personal Development Plan 

It is important to note that nothing great happens overnight, and your efforts require solid commitment from you. To achieve your goals, you will need to create detailed action plans along with contingencies and alternatives. You will also need patience, perseverance, and a strong sense of conviction to be able to bounce back when the situation warrants it. 

While there are many ways to write your personal development plan, start by creating a strategy which can be improved upon as you move forward. Cut/paste/print the sample template below created by SiMar, my premier business consultancy and digital media management firm in Atlanta. Then check off tasks as you accomplish them: 

  • Define your goals 
  • Create your micro goals 
  • Prioritize action plans 
  • Set a timetable complete with deadlines 
  • Identify strengths and opportunities 
  • Recognize weakness and threats 
  • Identify skills and build new ones 
  • Seek out a professional coach (you officially already have one–me!) 
  • Implement action plans, monitor progress, and measure results 
  • Optimize your plan and continue moving forward 

Now, go and start building your 2018 personal development plan! Let SiMar’s template be your guide, and don’t forget to share your feedback! 

Having trouble creating your personal development plan? Allison Todd, Founder of SiMar Inc., offers professional coaching services to aid you and your business’s needs. Schedule a consultation now! 

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Top Online Business Ideas For 2018

Simar Creating Success with Solutions

Top Online Business Ideas For 2018.  In 2018, technological innovations will allow a more robust way of conducting business. This will bring a new wave of spending, leading consumers to rely on online shopping as a way to acquire products or services. If you’re considering starting your own business in 2018, consider the following ideas to help shape your profit-savvy success goals online. 

Retail Sales: Start your e-commerce future by selling apparel online! From clothes to shoes, belts, berets, and tights, stockings, or hosiery, the fashion industry simply never goes out of style. It’s a vibrant industry that consistently attracts money. Look for reliable suppliers to ensure building a good reputation. Your inventory can include accessories such as jewelry, an item people see as investments rather than as enhancers. Both men and women have become keen on wearing a necklace or bracelet, multiple earrings, rings, and so on. Start by selling to your circle of family, friends, and coworkers via social media. Let the online “word of mouth” give credence to your trustworthiness and make sure to be transparent in all transactions. 

Social Media Solutions. Social media will continue to reign supreme in the year 2018. Monetize your social media skills and offer effective solutions. You can offer consultancy or third-party services but must know your audience and create compelling, content that draws readers in. Offer something useful for free or for a trial period as a motivation for users to return and spend money once they know and like your product.  Sign up for a SiMar Social Media Laser Review, today. 

Skills/Service-Oriented Businesses. There are many ways to sell services online. Consider promoting events by selling tickets and making reservations, offer rental services to real estate properties in various vacation points across the globe, grocery deliveries, professional online shoppers, virtual stylists and personal assistants, and so on. Online tutorials spanning a wide variety of subjects are also thriving. Find your niche, then make good use of your skills and showcase it by delivering topnotch performance all the time. 

Consumer dependency on online resources equals high demand that can earn lucrative returns for startups and existing businesses alike. You can use these online business ideas as the first step to shaping–or reshaping–your entrepreneurial aspirations, and reach your goals in no time. 

 Are you looking for lucrative online business opportunities? Or does your existing business need a reboot? Let startup expert SiMar Inc., Atlanta Georgia’s top-rated business consultancy firm, help you get started. Schedule a consultation with Allison now to get started!