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Posting Secrets To Rock Your Instagram Campaign

Is timing also a concern in Instagram? Like Twitter and Facebook,posting time has also been a fodder of discussion to Instagram users. While recent polls mentioned that the best time to post on social media (regardless of platform) is between 7pm to 9pm, it cannot be held true for everyone as target markets can be varied– different geographical location, different audience and different time zones. But why find out the right time to post on Instagram though? Well, if you are not familiar with IG’s algorithm changes last year, you should know by now that highly engaging posts are being “prioritized” on your newsfeed. This means that a post with more likes and comments will be visible to more people, increasing its reach and success potential.
So, what to do to rock your Instagram campaign? When thinking of generating more engagement to your Instagram posts, here are some posting secrets to remember this 2017:
  • Off-Work Hours. Schedule IG campaigns on hours where your audiences are most likely not on-board any work commitment. Lunch break usually falls between 11AM to 1PM while dinner engagement is usually at 7PM to 9PM. People nowadays, if not socializing, are checking their Instagram accounts for updates. So, schedule your posts on Hootsuite or any social media scheduling platform during these times.
  • Weekdays and Weekends. To be sure, make your campaign run for the whole week including weekends to expand your reach. Week days are known to be effective for B2B companies as majority of businesses still operate on these days. Weekends are highly advisable for B2C companies and are also great for fun campaigns. Wednesdays and Thursdays are also known to deliver the most punch in terms of engagement.
  • Time Zone Savvy. Always take time to consider your target audience time zone. If you are in the East Coast, for instance, but the bulk of your followers come from the West or from another continent, then, adjust your posting schedule according to their time zone.
  • 3 o’ Clock Habit. Considered to deliver the lowest engagement rate in many geographical locations, the hour between 3PM and 4PM must be avoided by B2B companies as this is where most deadliest deadlines rest. B2C companies, however, can have fun experimenting on this timeframe.
Indeed, timing is everything when it comes to business– social media notwithstanding. When trying to optimize your campaign’s engagement, it is of utmost importance to use analytic tools that can help you a head’s up on various aspects directly affecting your posts. Aside from pinpointing geographical location, age, gender, and buying habits, it is also best to check the time they are most active on Instagram and start your campaign rolling from there. Find an airtight scheduler and keep track of its progress. As always, your dedication and commitment will matter a lot on making your posts a success.


Insta Lead

InstaLead: Tips To Growing Organic Presence On Instagram

Is there a secret to growing your Instagram following without resorting to paid hacks? Experts suggest that to maintain trust, loyalty and sustainability in a highly cutthroat market, gaining followers must be done in an organic way. This means getting people to follow you on their own accord and without anyone using click-bait approach. While some paid hacks may help you gain hundreds, if not thousands, of followers in a short span of time, their level of retention can be topsy-turvy. You may end up garnering scammers and spam-loving followers wreaking havoc on your every posts.
When thinking of “InstaLead” or leading the troop in terms of following the organic way, the following points can come handy.
  • Take time to “like” photos/posts in your own niche. Try to find them all via hashtags or geolocation where your targeted niche are. This is like good karma talking. The more people you like, the same number of people may also end up on your follower’s chest to the joy of your business. Doing this can be painstakingly slow but, as experts suggest, it will be truly worth it. Simply leave a sincere comment,too, as this will help other users to get to know you.
  • Get creative with your own bio. Once people get to notice you, they will check on your own profile. It is best to give your profile a facelift. Keep an interesting profile picture and content. Offer a complete background and, most importantly, present the solutions you have for their needs. Also, mind your core values. Use keywords connected to these points and allow potential followers to associate you with this.
  • Interact with people in real time. Social media is built on such premise. Leave sincere comments on other users’ account and respond to those you receive. Be kind and supportive. Instagram is all about building a community on the premise of collaboration and peace.
  • Get creative with your hashtags. You can check out my tips on creating powerful hashtags HERE. Instagram hashtag is all about creativity in action. You can run a contest to crowdsource for your brand’s hashtag then, ask followers and other users to use the winning ones on their own images. Repost those images but don’t forget to give credit to the owner. This is one way of building trust and respect.
  • Make good use of your other social media accounts. If you have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and so on then, use them. Ask your friends/likers to follow you on Instagram, too. Simply include a clickable link on your profile that will point them directly to your Instagram account.
  • Don’t forget to “geotag” your photos or images. This is one way for people who have been to those locations “see” you and recognize your shared interest.
  • Give a direct call to action. Some people ultimately do something what they’ve been asked to. Encourage them to follow you. Period. Or you may want to sincerely ask a popular influencer in your niche to be done with it. Building a collaborative mindset will help immensely in nurturing an InstaLead mindset.
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Effective Hashtags

Of Hashtags and Instagram: Making Both Work For Your Business

Do you have a love-hate relationship with hashtags? But what significance do these Instagram hashtags have to your business? Like Twitter, Instagram users never run a post without placing hashtags to it. From the simple to the out-of-this-world words lumped together to form a narrative, hashtags indeed give added interest to the visually-engaging realm of Instagram. But are they really relevant?
Perks of Using Hashtags
When it comes to hashtag use, experts strongly standby its efficacy in growing an Instagram account. However, this comes with a caveat– using the “right” ones. It’s not just forming two or three words. It is more like showcasing your interest, relevance of your brand, your company core values and that of your potential followers. When done accordingly, it can initiate exposure of your brand, product or service to your targeted markets or niche audience.
Hashtags amplify your chances of acquiring new followers. It also increases awareness to your brand and marketing campaign. It also helps increase your traffic engagement which may result to more conversion. You see, hashtags are used to organize/categorize both photos and video content materials. This process helps enhance optimization of your account’s content.
Types of Insta-Tags
Now, here comes another challenge– finding the right hashtags for your brand. Like ice cream is for summer and hot cocoa for winter, so does framing of your hashtags correspond effectively to the audiences you wish to capture. There are two main types of Instagram hashtags– branded and community-based. Knowing how to use both will help greatly in expanding your account’s point of interest vis-a-vis that of your targeted niche.
Branded hashtags are those uniquely made for your business. This could be the name of your company, products or services. It could be a slogan or tagline used. It could be a representation of your brand’s identity or the core values of the business. These hashtags have one solid design– to connect themes between you and your target audience. It appeals largely on a more personal level.
Community hashtags, on the other hand, is like a string that binds the rest of flower petals to create a beautiful lei. It is designed to connect people on their common interest or around specific subjects. These hashtags are used to penetrate deep into the very lair where people thrive together allowing you access to them thereby gaining more followers and growing alongside them in the said community.
The Best Hashtags
Without a doubt, Instagram hashtags is one of the best way to grow your clout in this powerful social media platform. But finding or creating the best hashtags can be a bit tricky. To be effective, you need to do some in-depth research through your audience, industry leaders, and last but not least, competitors. Find out what relevant ones are being used by followers and influencers and shape up your hashtags to follow their lead. Look for loopholes on your competitors and use such weakness to work in your own hashtag creative process’ favor. Piggybacking on top influencers is great but do make sure to do your own when connections have been established. All in all, identifying and learning how to properly manage hashtags will help your business greatly.
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