3 Small Business Tips to Ramp Up Cyber Security 

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3 Small Business Tips to Ramp Up Cyber Security  Technology has never been this dynamic; but large corporations, small businesses, startups, or even government agencies aren’t safe from the threat of hackers (if only they’d [...]

Taking the Grateful Path and Why It’s Greater

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If you are unsure, taking the grateful path is the way to go and here's why it's greater.  For those at a crossroads career wise, the new [...]

Kick-off 2018 with SiMar’s Personal Development Plan! 

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Kick-off 2018 with SiMar’s Personal Development Plan  Would you ever book a vacation without making any plans whatsoever? Traveling with a plan allows you to at least have an idea of where to go, what to wear and eat, and what to [...]

Top Online Business Ideas For 2018

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Top Online Business Ideas For 2018.  In 2018, technological innovations will allow a more robust way of conducting business. This will bring a new wave of spending, leading consumers to rely on [...]

SiMar Makes Automation Simple! 

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Automate Your Business Systems SiMar Makes Automation Simple!  Technology continues to WOW us at SiMar, as its constant evolution has paved the way for advanced automation. If you started a business in 2017–or planned to and are still working out the details–  it’s important to be ready for new tech ideas that can help propel you to success in 2018!  Our upcoming blog on Gearing for a Tech Savvy Small Business will cover this in more detail but in [...]

Growth Mindset: You Can Think Yourself To Success

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Yes, it is true.  You CAN think yourself to success with the right growth mindset.  What you think, you indeed become. if you tell yourself you can [...]