About us

Time plays a large part in business success. How it is used, planning and production are essential to business growth. The SiMar team invests quality time in each step to deliver excellence. We’ve got high expectations and it shows

~ Allison Todd, Founder & Chief Strategist.

Your Business. Our Promise

We’re here to help your business find its virtual voice and unlock the potential of your online presence.

Going beyond basic digital strategies, we’ll personalize your approach to reach your audience in a way that’s relevant and engaging for your unique business.

With our help, you’ll discover what makes your company stand out, develop a powerful story to share with the world, and find more ways to sell what you do at every turn.

By harnessing creativity into viable digital solutions, SiMarInc will help you carve out your corner of the internet so you can post up shop for as long as you like.

Meet Your New Business Besties.

Based out of Atlanta, SiMar is a full-service digital marketing and business consulting agency specializing in bringing brand
stories to life. We offer customizable solutions and strategic expertise in marketing, business operations, coaching, and consulting
services. We’ll align your vision with a winning marketing strategy built for long-term success.

Whether you need additional resources on your team or want to get started with a full-scale consulting package, SiMar is here
to help you grow your brand, build your business, and make an impact on your virtual community.

Meet Allison Todd
Founder & Chief Strategist

Allison is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 15 years of expertise in managing and scaling businesses, building digital brands, coaching C-Suite clients and their teams. She is a service-oriented, action-driven forward thinker who thrives on challenges and opportunities.

At SiMar, she manages the operations of the company as well as leads all client engagements, providing innovative solutions to help companies grow their brands and expand their reach in today’s digital age. She serves as strategist, visionary coach, and trusted advisor for her clients.

Team SiMar
Digital Support Team

Our team encompasses a number of different consultants with advanced skill sets. They lend their expertise to get the job done—and done well! With an eye for innovation to bring fresh perspectives to client challenges and opportunities; they are here to help you level up your brand!

Our digital support team includes graphic designers, content creators, photographers, and coaches who are ready to take your business from zero to hero.


Vanessa P.

Operations & Projects Strategist

Raul T.

Digital Developer & Design Strategist

Melody R.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

At SiMarInc, we’ve identified three key ingredients to elevate businesses and leave a digital mark:

Connection, Authenticity, and Perseverance

When you combine these ingredients with the power of a cohesive online presence, you’ve
got the makings for real-world success.


At the heart of all successful marketing campaigns is a strong connection with your audience. The more you can give your customers, the more they'll give back—and that's exactly what we'll help you achieve through personalized and engaging content.


You are what you publish, so we'll work with you to develop a true online presence. From brand storytelling to seamless design, we'll bring it all together from start to finish.


Long-term success is not an accident; it's a commitment. We'll turn your initial vision into a fully realized plan, helping you build for the future and avoiding costly mistakes.